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10 of the Most Popular Uses Your Business Can Get Out of a Printing Company


Printing companies are utilized by businesses heavily today to accomplish many of their marketing and other printing needs. Today printing companies are required to have the capabilities of being able to print onto a wide host of printing medium, and need to have the resources and capabilities of doing so. Printing mediums includes plastic, pens, magnets, and even on walls.

By providing such a wide host of applications for printing, what are some of the most common uses that a printing business is capable of providing? The following list provides the 10 most popular items businesses use a printing press for.

1). Business Cards

Practically every business owner as well as management uses business cards. By far this is the most common item that businesses seek out from a printing business. While it is true that business cards can be printed on printers today, it requires way too much time and work to do. Additionally, the quality is not nearly the same, as printing businesses are capable of printing onto higher quality cards. Additionally they are able to customize the card’s size and shape to the customer’s desired preference.

2). Brochures

When it comes business brochures, printing companies are the technology, resources and skills of providing high-quality printouts. Brochures are very commonly used in businesses, as they are considered a very highly effective medium for advertising.

3). Custom Printed Pen’s

Giving free goodies away is an excellent way for businesses to increase their brand recognition, and one common goodie businesses love to give away are pens with their company name or logo and phone number. These work excellent for marketing because individuals will use the pen and see the name and phone number, which will keep the company fresh in their mind. Even If they are not using it, it is probably sitting in a pen holder, where they are seeing it on a daily basis.

 4). Signs

Businesses that are conducting their business from brick-and-motor stores will often need professional signs built. These serve for a couple purposes. For one, they allow potential clients to locate your store. Additionally the sign acts as a marketing tool for those that may just cross paths with your store and end up seeing your sign.

5). Office Name Plates

In the United States, before someone walks into an executive’s or manager’s office, they expect to see a name plate on the outside door. Name plates are a very common item that printing companies provide for businesses. The most common choice are engraved name plates, as they appear as higher quality and more prestige over a simple printed name plate.

6 ) T-shirts

Businesses have employees, and businesses want the employees to have a sense of belonging and pride for the company, its vision, and its goals. Providing T-shirts with the company’s logo and slogan printed on it is considered a strong way to help bring employee moral and pride up.

7) Catalogs

Companies today purchase business catalogs to help showcase the products that they offer. Printing companies are capable of providing high-quality catalogs to help promote businesses products.

8) Banners

Banners are used for many purposes in a business. Sometimes businesses place banners up in their office, warehouse, etc with certain company philosophies or morals that allows their employees to see every day to help motivate them. Additionally banners are often used by businesses when they are marketing their products and services at special events.

9) Envelopes

Pre printed envelops is often used by businesses. This provides professional-looking envelopes without the hassle of having to print the name and address for the return address. Envelop printing also works great as a marketing tool as well; even if the person receiving the mail doesn’t really read it, it still brands the company if it is sent on a consistent basis.

10) Gift Cards

One of the most popular ways today for businesses to increase revenues is through selling gift cards. These have become very popular today. The major benefit of a gift card is the fact that the revenue is recognized, even before the product or service is rendered.

Printing companies the likes of Ream in Belfast are an essential need for businesses, as they provide the needed resources for a business to Brand its business name, along with marketing its products and services. It also provides businesses ways to help motivate their employees. The 10 ten uses for a printing company will continue to be utilized by business for many years to come.

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