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10 Recommendations to Stock Oil Securely

If you want to be more informed about oil and how to store it properly then you need to read these 10 tips. During the cold season, many of our homes will be heat with oil this winter. However, storing it incorrectly can cause death, explosions and injuries. So it is a very dangerous substance.

The most ideal place to store fuel is in a shed or garage. Anywhere that there won’t be many people is a good place to store oil. Fuel catches fire very easily and quickly, so you will need to keep it away from naked flames at all times.

You will need to have a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher if you store large quantities of fuel at home. These extinguishers take seconds to put out the fire. You will make the fire worse if you try to put it out with water.

Somebody may drink the fuel if you store it in bottles or pitchers. These items often cause leaks as they haven’t been designed for storing fuel.

Throughout the country, there has been rise in oil thefts. Locking your tank will secure your fuel and will ensure you’re not a victim.

When transferring fuel, always use a pipe or a pouring spout. It isn’t suitable to transfer oil using pitchers or bottles.

Change your clothes if fuel gets splashed on them. Your clothes could catch fire later if you come into contact with a naked flame. So when you’re near oil you should be aware of the clothes you are wearing.

Never put your mouth near fuel. If you swallow it, you can cause yourself a serious injury as it is a dangerous substance.

To clear a leak you should have fuel absorbents and other products on-hand. If you haven’t been storing fuel correctly you could be heavily fined as leaks are bad for the environment.

You may need to get a professional to stop the leak for you if it has become very big. Every region should have a hazardous waste removal center; your local council will be able to tell you where it is. The recovered fuel and cleaning materials should be placed into specified containers when finished. If you dispose of leaked fuel incorrectly you could start a fire. If you don’t store fuel correctly, you could pollute rivers, canals and lakes.

Fuel should always be kept at least 50 feet away from any gas powered appliances. Direct sunlight, hot water radiators and space heaters are also things fuel should be kept away from. Ideally it should be reserved at room heat. Petrol fumes can travel to the source of an explosion before they are thicker than air. So fuel will catch fire if It comes into contact with anything mentioned above.

Storing fuel incorrectly can cause damage to the environment and you will be penalized. So you should check your tank for leaks often.

If you have oil leak and are uncertain about what to do, contact your fuel supplier. They will be able to advise you on the correct course of action to take. If you need any information about storing fuel, you can also contact the Environmental Agency.

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