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4 Untrue Myths About Electronic Cigarettes

When it comes to Electronic cigarettes and vaping, there are, obviously, numerous myths that are bound to appear once something new is available. And the issue is that some of those who just want to find some accurate information in regards to the topic, these lies and misconceptions are sufficient to turn them away from the idea for good.

Myth #1

One of them is that the idea behind fruity or chocolate flavors is that Electronic cigarette manufacturers are aiming to attract younger users. Although it seems completely silly, there are many who believe this claim to be correct, but let’s be honest about things. There are chocolate flavored liquors (which are surely not intended for underage users), fruit flavored cough drops (used by adults) – just using sugary or fruit flavoring does not automatically mean “intended for young clientele”.

Myth #2

Another misconception is that Electronic Cigarette manufacturers are intentionally marketing their produce to non-smokers. This is simply one more myth: in most cases the reason for turning to these devices is to steer clear of the real deal. Moreover, since non-smokers have no nicotine need there is virtually nothing that will attract them to this product other than trying it once for curiosity. 

Myth #3

Side effects of E-cigarette smoking are another concern it would seem for those out there who enjoy creating myths. As with all new concepts and devices, first usage of E cigarettes might generate some side effects to new users. It might be the over dosage of nicotine (since most of them vape every other second without actually being aware of how much nicotine they take in), it might be that they are having withdrawal symptoms if they come from a background of smoking conventional cigarettes. Whatever the case may be, simply adjusting the nicotine concentration, being aware of the number of vapes, understanding that the symptoms will fade in some days, these unpleasant symptoms that some experience will soon disappear.

Myth #4

By far one of the most overrated such myths is the one where E-cigs spontaneously explode. And as ridiculous as it may sound, apparently there is a need to go there so I will go there. Poorly manufactured devices of any sorts explode: there are coffee machines which explode if not descaled. The thing is that honest companies have reputations to withhold. They undergo research and testing and make sure the product is safe to use. Accidents are indeed not impossible but highly unlikely with brands that have been manufacturing these devices for quite some time.

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