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5 Tips For Increasing Your Search Rankings Using Video

Trying to get to the top of a search engine result is a delicate task. The algorithms that help a website land high on search engine rankings are complex, but many marketers can enact some basic changes to land a business page to the top of results. One variable that helps many businesses or websites reach the top positions of search engine rankings are videos. According to the website Tech Crunch, web pages with a video were 53% more likely to be in the top rankings of Google than websites without a video. Finding the proper and most effective ways to have a video link to a business page is important to know to succeed in increasing traffic.

1. Know the Basics of SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, are the marketing tools that help websites land in the top rankings in search engines. Companies of all sizes and types can use SEO tools to help them increase their rankings. A company like Morris County Video Production can reach top results through SEO techniques like keywords that connect the company to searchable terms like “video production companies”. One can also use New Jersey SEO techniques that link the company to a location. SEO qualities are often innate, such as the age of a website. However, placing a video on a web page greatly helps in landing the web page on the top search results.

2. Consider YouTube

Deciding what venue having the video posted on is an interesting issue to contemplate. Placing a video on a web page can work, but it may take other SEO and marketing techniques to land viewers to the site. One popular technique is to place a video on YouTube. YouTube videos are placed high on search results, particularly on Google. However, most marketing studies have found that although a viewer can find a video for a website easily on YouTube, it does not translate to many YouTube viewers going to the website. Most YouTube viewers are there to watch videos, not to be linked toward the website the video is associated with. Finding out where to put the website online is important and can increase viewers to the website.

3. Crafting a Video Title

After a video is produced, conforming the video to SEO strategies is important. Lining up the keywords to the title of the video, for example, can directly increase traffic to the website. The conforming does not need to be exact, but titling and naming the video properly will correlate well to search engine results.

4. Have a Video Description

A video is usually associated with a short video description. This video description also needs to be SEO-friendly with keywords and content effectively placed across the description. This supplements the video and allows the search engine algorithms to place the video web page near the top.

5. Place the Video Front and Center

Out of any piece of advice, this is probably the most basic but extremely important. Once the video is made, prominently showcase the video by placing it on the front page of the website. Connecting the video to front page can help the overall website go to the top of the search engine rankings. If viewers find the video interesting, they may be more likely to explore the website in its entirety.

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