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A Few Facts on Sliding Doors

A sliding door cabinet is intended to make the most of your existing space. Whatever the size of your room, it should always be based on the needs depending on your space. Doors should actually be designed so that everything matches your goal.

How to install these doors?

Installing suspended doors may not always be as difficult as you think. In fact, you can actually fix such a door in three hours’ time. You can buy sliding door fittings from many online sites like The door fittings have been specially designed to be extremely easy to install and are not always heavy.

What if available doors dimensions do not correspond to my door?

Sliding doors must fit between the ceiling and the floor; and wall to wall. If this is not possible, you can always go ahead and add loads above doors or set a end panel. If your doors are custom-made, these problems should not occur.

If your measurement is more than 2.48m or 2.26m, the use of inhibitors of space can help reduce gaps 12 to 13 mm or reducing gaps open heights ranging from 130-480mm.

How to measure parts for doors?

Floor to ceiling and wall to wall, in a part of the piece, is how measurements are taken of every room, if you plan to install your doors. Anyone planning with an end panel must also obtain exact measurements of the room. The measurement must be carried out in more than one location, with measures horizontally, followed by the vertical from the top and bottom of the opening.

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