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Culture of Innovation to Sail Through Challenges

Challenges have made the environment so competitive, and that comes from globalization, technological innovation, customers, employees, consultants, competitors, shareholders and suppliers. 

In addition, these organizational challenges can be technical, related to a product or service feature, on how best to increase market share and revenues, on the operational side, on creating better management strategies or tactics. or on improving employee engagement. But to meet these challenges requires a spirit of innovation and innovation culture in the organizations.

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Innovation can be defined as an organization's ability to evolve repeatedly and adapt quickly to keep it ahead of its competitors. In other words, the organization's ability to innovate is based on its ability to identify and solve problems. 

The innovation process begins with a focus on the right challenges. Then comes the ideas of employees, customers, consultants and suppliers, using crowdsourcing software, to solve problems and implement the best solution. However, without any shortage of challenges, the idea management services of leading service providers drive the organization through the innovation process.

However, a culture of innovation in addition to new ideas must be replicable, predictable and sustainable. 

In order to provide new products and services to the public, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy have created a culture of innovation within society. With ideas management software as a framework for discipline and innovation, ASGE has managed all new ideas from staff, board members and key personnel. 

The result was a drastic reduction in risks and prices, as well as marketing and organizational capacity. Today, with 12,000 members and 40 employees, ASGE is positioned as the world-class endoscopy training and practice center for the best in endoscopic research.

 A good culture of innovation can give an organization the flexibility and the ability to feel the need for change and respond to it with the necessary competitive advantage.



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