First Time DUI Offence

There are strict penalties for the DUI First Offense penalty. If you are arrested for DUI First Offense in Pennsylvania, here are some of the sentences you may face when you are convicted.

  • Up to 93 days in prison.
  • Up to 360 hours of community service.
  • Possible vehicle immobilization.
  • SIM suspension for 30 days, followed by a restriction for 150 days.
  • Possible ignition key.

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Not only is the arrest for DUI shameful, but it can also cost your work, thousands of dollars in legal fees leaving you fearing about your future holds. Here a good DUI lawyer, like can help you out.

You need to find a good lawyer to help you fight the DUI allegations of your first offense. You need to find a lawyer who is dedicated to providing their clients with an aggressive defense in drunkenness, no matter the complexity of your OWI / DUI case.

Most good lawyers offer free OWI / DUI case evaluations to help you better understand the complexity and uniqueness of your case. A good drunk driving strategy aims for the absolute best results.

Although the laws are the same throughout Pennsylvania, local courts often use different procedures in the way they handle such cases, and it is important to have a lawyer representing you who understands these differences and can use them to your advantage.

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