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Get to Know About the Church Growth

Church growth comes in many types. This includes Internal which is the spiritual growth of Christians and the relationship between God and humans. The second is Expansion which is the evangelization of people who do not believe in a particular service.

In an extension which is the construction of other churches in certain geographical regions. This usually happens through church advertisements. The last is the Bridging. This is somewhat like an extension but this focuses more on building churches in areas with different cultures. If you are looking for the churches in Long Island than there are many online sources are available.

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In addition, aside from the type of church growth, there are also ways to do it. One of them is biological growth. This action includes sending children of church members to the church. One more thing is transfer growth. This includes all certain church members who are united with other church members. The last is Conversion growth. This includes unbelievers who are gathered to be enlightened and acknowledge the existence of God.

Now let's discuss the principles of church growth in the early churches.

Prayer or Spiritual Warfare

This need not be questioned in terms of church growth.


This is very important for all churches. People often see church leadership before deciding what services to choose. Church leaders must be dynamic. This is one of the main reasons why the church grows. This can also be considered as an element of church advertising.


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