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For those who think reflexology is just a pleasant foot massage, you might be surprised. Reflexology is gentle manipulation of pressure points to clear the pathway for energy to flow. Increasing energy then cheer up the body, helps it to heal itself.

foot reflexology in Vaughan is the most popular type because it is practiced in Egypt and India.

Unlike chiropractic and reflexology, acupuncture uses natural processes to help the body. The specific area of the foot is believed to be related to various glands, organs, and limbs that are manipulated to help the body repair itself.

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Reflexology learns about complex body response systems. Based on this knowledge they suppress the stimulation point in the foot which results in a response in the organs and areas of the body. Reflexology is based almost entirely on autonomic responses.

What is the difference between Reflection Massage and Massage Therapy?

Reflexology limits manipulation of the legs and arms. Massage therapists work to relieve tense muscles in all parts of the body. Massage therapy works on the relationship between the muscles and the nervous system.

Reflexology works on the relationship between the points on the hands and feet to fresh the energy pathway to other organs and body parts. Massage works directly on the muscles and nerves where reflexology stimulates the response of the tissue at a distance from the manipulated point.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Through reflexology, the cardiovascular system can more efficiently allow blood to flow through the system.

People who regularly undergo reflexology regularly state that they are more focused and alert and can relax faster and deeper.

In this way, it also increases the conduction of vitamins, minerals and food nutrients throughout the body and the waste to be disposed of. Reflexology aims to balance the entire body system.

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