The Cost of Hiring a Lawyer


Hiring a lawyer has different costs depending on the type of case. For instance; there are lawyers who charge a flat fee, while there are others who charge on hourly basis, while there are lawyers who charge the client only after the end of a case. The drawback in the last case is the fees can become high during the payment time. Check out these guidelines based on the lawyers cost while hiring them.

  1. Retainers – If you wish your lawyer to not represent another client similar to your case, then retainer comes in the picture. It acts as a source of paying certain amount to the lawyer making sure the lawyer sticks with you from start till end.
  2. Injury Cases – In the event of an injury, it usually depends on contingency leading to the client paying to the lawyer somewhere in the region of one-third of the fees. However, the lawyer does not get paid if the case is lost by the client. But there is a factor such as the size of the case where the client may end up paying some amount to the lawyer only after the settlement of the case.
  3. Criminal Cases – When it comes to criminal case pricing, the fee is usually flat and doesn’t consist of contingency or hourly based fees. Such type of cases is different and complicated due to the involvement of trials, motions, jury hearing etc.

These are some of the costs that goes behind hiring a lawyer. Similarly, the cost for hiring construction lawyers in Melbourne and other parts of Australia is going to be different depending on the size and matter.

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