What To Do After Fire?

No one can imagine that fire hazard can happen to your property and destroy both money and property. So, get information and be prepared what to do if your property gets fire.  It becomes very stressful and traumatic to decide what you should do in case of fire damage. Even a small fire can cause disaster, but an extensive fire can cause devastative affect along with water damage and smoke.

There are fire restoration companies to call after a fire damage occurs to deal with repair and restoration of your property. Immediate action and speedy professional repair are need of the hour. If the structure of the house is damaged to a great extent, it would cost too much to repair it. Homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost, but insurance agent will decide after the inspection and assessment of the fire damaged property.

After the fire is put off, besides fire and water, there is smoke and soot to deal with, in a proper professional manner. It is a process of fire damage repair essential to get back your house and your life back to normal.

First step of this process is to make an assessment of degree of property damages. This is done by a professional expert to see how bad the fire was and how much damage it caused. The cleaning up process is also involved in this process. You cannot decide on your own how much damage is caused because it is dangerous for people living in it.

After the fire extinguish, unsafe areas should be isolated. Any damaged area will be blocked off to prevent further damage. Separate the damaged area from the undamaged will make it easier for you to make a list of damaged items. This will also save time of experts and insurance adjustor for inspection of loss.

Keep an eye on the structure and anything smoldering to prevent flare-up. Board up your property properly to avoid theft and vandalism.

After fire, a house may need different types of repairs and restorations to make it fit to live in. Water is evacuated and everything is dried. Carpets, furniture and clothes are salvaged. Smoke odor and soot is removed from personal and household items. Wooden furniture, cabinets, doors, windows and floors are restored. HVAC system is cleaned to remove smoke and debris.

Cooperate with your insurance agent during the inspection process. Make a list of your losses and items and file your claim as soon as you can.

If your house is not safe to live in, you need another place to stay till the restoration of your house. Your Homeowner’s policy may include “loss of use or Loss of Rents” coverage, which may pay for the rent, food and clothing in shelter, for a certain period of time. Be reasonable and specific about your living expenses and negotiate with your insurance agents.

Fire is a scary thing and you should take some safety measures to prevent huge fire. Fitting of fire alarms and presence of fire blanket and fire extinguisher in house for small fires is a must. Otherwise get out of house and call fire brigade.

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